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Actor Okon Lagos tells Nigeria Government to seek other Countries’ help over insecurity

Rachael Olokungboye

LAG0S- Nollywood actor Okon has called on international bodies to forcefully help Nigerians if the government is not asking for help or refusing to be helped.

The movie star noted that if a war breaks out in Nigeria, there would be too many Nigerians who will become refugees.

The Actor then told the Nigerian government that there is nothing shameful in asking for the help of other countries.

In a video he shared on his Instagram page, the actor was seen addressing the Nigerian government.

According to him, there is nothing shameful in approaching members of the global community for help.

He asks, “We know we cannot protect and defend ourselves, why don’t we go and look for help in other countries?”

“Noting how government officials travel abroad for medical services, the actor said they should also ask for help over the state of insecurity.

He urged the international community not to ignore what is happening in Nigeria and come to the peoples aids.

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