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BREAKING: Federal govt. announces new ban on agric produce

The federal government has said foreigners are no longer allowed to buy agricultural produce directly from local framers.

Technocrat Media, Abuja

The federal government has said foreigners are no longer allowed to buy agricultural produce directly from local farmers.

The ban was approved by the federal executive council (FEC) on Wednesday in Abuja.

The meeting, chaired by the acting president, Yemi Osinbajo said foreigners and their representatives cannot purchase agricultural produce at the farm gate.

The government announced the ban in a tweet through the official federal government’s verified Twitter handle @NigeriaGov.

“The Federal Executive Council (FEC) today approved a Ban on foreigners and their representatives purchasing agricultural produce at the farm gate.” “Henceforth, only licensed and duly registered LOCAL buying agents can now buy produce directly from farmers in Nigeria,” the statement reads.

Niyi Adebayo, minister of industry, trade and investment, commenting on the new policy, said that as part of the FEC approval, the attorney-general would draft a law that would be sent to the national assembly to support the implementation of the new policy.

“We will also use commodity associations, to which the farmers belong, to ensure effective implementation,” Mr Adebayo said.

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