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UPDATED: List of INEC’s PVC registration centers in FCT area councils

Ahead of the 2023 general elections, the permanent voter card (PVC) issued by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is required from all eligible Nigerians in order to participate in elections.

Technocrat Media

Ahead of the 2023 general elections, the permanent voter card (PVC) issued by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is required from all eligible Nigerians in order to participate in elections.

In this article, TECHNOCRAT MEDIA has gotten the list of all PVC registration centers in the federal capital territory (FCT), across the six area councils where the residents of the FCT can register and obtain their PVCs.


  • Abaji central: Unguwar manko
  • Abaji north east: Central Primary School
  • Abaji southeast: Central Primary School
  • Agyana/Pandagi: Agyana Primary School
  • Rimba/Embagi: Naharati Sabo primary School
  • Nuku: Nuku Primary School
  • Alu Mamagi: Alu Primary School
  • Yaba: Yaba Town Primary School
  • Gurdi: Gurdi Primary School
  • Gawu: Gawu Town Primary School


  • City central: Government Secondary School, Garki
  • Garki: Garki primary School
  • Kabusa: Kabusa Primary School
  • Wuse: Wuse Zone 2 Primary School
  • Gwarimpa: Government Secondary School, Life Camp
  • Jiwa: Jiwa Primary School
  • Gui: Gossa Primary School
  • Karshi: Karshi Development Area
  • Orozo: Orozo Primary School
  • Karu: Karu Primary School
  • Nyanya: Government Secondary School, Nyanya
  • Gwagwa: Gwagwa Primary School


  • Bwari central: Pilot Sec. Primary School
  • Kuduru: Federal Girls Government College, Kuduru
  • Igu: Igu Primary School
  • Shere: Shere Koko Primary School
  • Kawu: LEA Primary School
  • Ushafa: Ushafa Primary School
  • Byazhin: Byazhin Primary School
  • Kubwa: Model Primary School, Kubwa
  • Usuma: P.W Primary School


  • Gwagwalada central: Demonstration Primary School
  • Kutunku: Kutunku Primary School
  • Staff quarters: Gad Nasko Primary School
  • Ibwa: Ibwa Sarki Primary School
  • Dowa: Ung Sarki Primary School
  • Paiko: Paiko Kore Sarki Primary School
  • Tunga maje: Tunga Maje Primary School
  • Zuba: Ung Sarki Primary School
  • Ikwa: Ikwa Primary School
  • Gwako: Gwako Town Primary School


  • Kuje central: Kuje Central Primary School
  • Chibiri: Chibiri Primary School
  • Gaube: Guabe Primary School
  • Kwaku: Kwaku Primary School
  • Kabi: Kabi Kassa Primary School
  • Rubochi: Rubochi Primary School
  • Gwargwada: Gwargwada Primary School
  • Gudun karya: Gudun Karya Primary School
  • Kujekwa: Kujekwa Primary School
  • Yenche: Yenche Primary School


  • Kwali central: Kwali Pilot Primary School
  • Yangoji: Yangoji Primary School
  • Pai: Pai Primary School
  • Kilankwa: Kilankwa Primary School
  • Dafa: Dafa Primary School
  • Kundu: Kundu Primary School
  • Ashara: Ashara Primary School
  • Gumbo: Gumbo Primary School
  • Wako: Wako Primary School
  • Yebu: Yebu Primary School


  • City Center: Diplomatic Park, Area 1
  • Gwarinpa: Government Secondary School, Life Camp
  • Wuse: Government Secondary School Zone 3
  • Lugbe: Lugbe Primary School
  • Dutse-Alhaji: L.E.A Primary School, Dutse; L.E.A Primary, Dawaki; and L.E.A Primary School, Mpape

Source: INEC

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