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Mummy wa Speaks on Relationship with Mr macaroni

Rachael Olokungboye

LAGOS – Popular Nigerian comedian Mr. Macaroni’s Mummy Wa has expressed gratitude to the comedian for giving her the chance to act as his wife – Mummy Wa revealed that the attention she gets from men has increased since she started doing comedy skits

The beautiful actress, Kemi Ikuseedun popularly known as Mummy wa is an actress who enjoys playing her role.
The fictitious wife to comedian Mr macaroni in comedy skits, however, noted that she ignores the attention from Men.

Kemi Ikuseedun ’ Mummy Wa was full of gratitude to Mr. Macaroni for giving her the chance to be his wife in his comedy skits.

According to the young Actress, she wrote “At the beginning, it was looking a little bit bumpy and rocky, and all of a sudden, everything became smooth. I am really grateful for that. I am thankful for Mr. Macaroni. I am very happy that I get to play Mrs. Macaroni all the time.”

She added, playing Mrs Macaroni gives people the impression that she is dating the comedian in reality.

“People assume that I am dating Mr Macaroni in real life. Maybe it’s because the character I play is Mrs Macaroni. It’s fine. When they watch our skits they embody everything. They put everything in their minds, spirits, which is good and nice. Some people think we are married in real life.” She wrote.”

Speaking on how she copes with attention from the opposite gender, the beautiful and well-endowed entertainer said it has increased but she ignores them. “I don’t really feel all that. It’s just once in a while that I dress up. I prefer hoodies, I like wearing shorts and cover-ups. I think every girl gets that attention basically, I don’t want to think it’s because I am buzzing.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ebuka Daniels

    July 1, 2021 at 11:45 pm

    I don’t really believe you guys are dating
    I know you only act as his wife in any if his funny comedy skits

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