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My Administration is Sacking Public Servants – El-Rufai

Damilola Adeyemo

KADUNA – Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, has said his Administration is sacking public servants in the state is due to dwindling financial resources and higher wage bills which the government cannot be able to sustain.

The report says El-Rufai insisted that the government was not elected just to pay salaries of public servants alone, but to also develop the state by building schools, hospitals, upgrading infrastructure, and making the state more secure and attractive to the private sector for jobs and investments.

He pointed out that what it has been receiving from the federal allocation committee since the middle of 2020, like most other sub-nationals, can barely pay salaries and overheads.

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He also added that in the last six months, personnel costs have accounted for between 84.97% and 96.63% of FAAC transfers received by the Kaduna State Government.

The Kaduna State Government opined that the overall wages of the public sector are still relatively low, it, however, noted that their current levels are obviously limited by the resources available to the government.

The government further argued that the public service of the state with less than 100,000 employees (and their families) cannot be consuming more than 90% of government resources, with little left to positively impact the lives of the more than nine million that are not political appointees or civil servants.

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