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Nigerians mock Joe Abah for differentiating Aso Rock from Presidential Villa

Technocrat Media Nigeria

ABUJA – Nigerians on Twitter have mocked one of the Nigeria’s public sector reform consultants, Dr. Joe Abah over his attempt to explain the difference between the Presidential Villa and the Aso Rock.

Abah made the attempt in a tweet after armed some robbers invaded the residence of the chief of staff to the president, Prof. Gambari and his administrative staff; an incident Mr. Garba Shehu described as a ‘foolish attempt’

Dr. Abah said “If it was before, I would have explained the difference between the Presidential Villa and “Aso Rock” where anybody can rent a house. But I can’t be bothered anymore. Ignorance is more popular than knowledge these days. Make una carry go.

The tweet which was engaged by many Nigerians sparked several comments.

Vick3 The Solemn Voice CFC @cvickright· “Oga keep your explanation to yourself, Aso Rock, Aso Villa is in close proximity. Why should banks in close proximity to each other close for a while when one is robbed, it’s simply because their security is not guaranteed too. #OnitchaPort is still as it was, so calm down”.

Surayyah Ahmad, “Yes, they are different. But many residents of Aso Rock believe it is one of the most secure places in the country, considering the proximity to Villa. A robbery in Aso Rock is thus a cause for concern”.

Adetunji Adeniran @kingadetunji “Doc, it doesn’t stop the fact that the chief of staff is a high ranking officer and his residence should be secure. If such is not feasible, what is the hope of those of us in Isheri or Arepo? You feel me?

Doz@thadozman· “Set your mind off where the attempt occurred, and think about the profile of the occupant of that Aso Rock residence, then you should be worried. That attempt was bold and should be a concern to everyone”.

Deji Teye @mydeji247 “Once the security of the President’s neighbours is breached, there is a cause for alarm. A robbery on the President’s Chief of Staff? That was bold”.

Juwex@Juwex1 “Shame on you for even attempting an explanation. That area is supposed to be the sacred area, it houses the presidential Villa and yet armed robbers gained access to it. Don’t see how it sounds? I never heard such before. Again shame on you!!!

Like@ThinklikeaJohn “U are wrong. Aso Rock refers to rock. That Area is indigenously called ASO, so everything in that area has a prefix ASO. The rock is Aso Rock, the town is ASOkoro, the villa is ASO Villa, the drive is ASO drive, the radio station is ASO radio. Nobody lives in Asorock”.

These and many more criticisms were were poured on Joe Abah.

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