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NiMet predicts flight delays, cancellations in 2022

Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) has said there might be more delays and cancellations of flights to comply with safety regulations during rainfall season in 2022.

Technocrat Media, Abuja

Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) has said there might be delays and cancellations of flights to comply with safety regulations during rainfall season in 2022.

In a Seasonal Climate Prediction (SCP) report made available to newsmen on Friday in Abuja, the agency said, rainfall season in Nigeria usually brings about cloudy situations accompanied by thunderstorms leading to frequent turbulence during flights.

“Thunderstorms could lead to flight rescheduling, diversion, and cancellation leading to loss of revenue. The usually reduced visibility during a heavy downpour will not be uncommon in 2022 rainy season.”

“Similarly, during the dry season, dust haze and spells can affect visibility that may affect flight operations. Runoffs and aquaplaning on tarmacs and runways also occur during the rains, especially at the peak of the rainfall season.”

“This may increase skidding off the tarmac,’’ NiMet said.

The agency added that there would be a normal rainfall season in 2022.

It also further stated “Rainfall characteristics in most parts of Nigeria namely, onset dates, cessation dates, amounts of rainfall and length of the season are not anticipated to deviate much from long-term average values implicating the air transport sector.

“Furthermore, the predicted warmer temperatures (especially in April) will also increase the frequency of micro-burst and wind shear over the aerodromes which are threats to flight operations.

“Hot weather decreases the density of air. Consequently, an aircraft would need to travel a longer distance on the runway to generate enough lift to take off.’’

It said that this increases fuel consumption and consequently the operational cost of the airline.

“During the season, there could be increased chances of bird strike due to influx of migratory birds (black kites) from the South (Southern winter) into northern region,’’ it said.

NiMet advised airlines to get their weather folders from the agency`s airport forecast offices and weather briefing rooms for proper planning of their flight operations.

The agency urged airlines to adhere strictly to advisories from NiMet in line with regulations by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).


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