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Struggle for transparency: Kaduna govt publishes wage bill as workers dare governor El-Rufai

Damilola Adeyemo

KADUNA – Sequel to the ongoing crises and mass sacking of workers by the government of Kaduna State to reduce the cost of governance and expenditures has led to the current protests by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in the State.

The struggle for accountability and transparency has prompted the El-Rufai led administration to release its financial data showing the wage bills including government expenditures, salaries of workers, and the political appointees.

In the copy of the official document received by TECHNOCRAT MEDIA, it put the total number of employees in the State as 31, 401 with a total monthly wage bill of N3, 395, 322, 487.80.

The document pointed that a total of 337 political appointees go home with a total of N259,173,229.70 monthly as 31, 064 civil servants gulps the accumulated sum of N3,136,149,258.10 on monthly basis.

Analysis of Government Expenditures

The amount spent on political appointees monthly was put at N259,173,229.70 and the amount spent on civil servants on monthly basis was put at N3,136,149,258.10 respectively.

Meanwhile, the monthly pensioners’ wage bill stood at N478,822,619.21 as the amount spent on primary health care (PHC 40%) contribution was pegged at N253,728,700.77.

Pension contribution of 8% on monthly basis at N194,439,563.00 and the amount spent on 5% retirement benefit bond was put at N173,353,309.25.

The total wage bill and expenditure of the Kaduna State Government was pegged at N4,498,666,680.03 monthly.

The government revealed that the total wage bill of N4.498bn in March 2021 with N3.13bn for 31, 064 civil servants and N259m for 337 political appointees respectively.

Payments for pension and primary healthcare staff added another N1.1bn of which do not include the wages of local government staff, the document revealed.

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